Jimmy Zuniga

Jimmy had the unique and formative experience of being a member of the second graduating class at Summit Prep. His experiences there inspired me to pursue a career in education, and with the support of the Gates Millennium Scholarship, Jimmy completed a B.A. in Psychology and an M.A. in Educational Studies at Tufts University. His graduate work at Tufts focused on the critical analysis of equity in U.S. public education, and it spurred his interest in school design and conditions for innovation. Afterwards, Jimmy received an M.A. in Education and Single Subject Credential at the Stanford Teacher Education Program (STEP) where he concentrated his studies on using Complex Instruction to teach heterogeneous classrooms. 

In 2014, Jimmy returned to Summit to teach high school English at Summit Everest for four years. As a teacher, Jimmy was deeply involved in Summit’s development of its personalized learning school model and interned with various teams across Summit’s home office to broaden his impact. In 2018, Jimmy became Executive Director of Summit Everest and led the school for four years, including through the rapid transition to virtual school during the pandemic. In 2022, Jimmy moved to Panorama Education and focused his work on coaching school and district leaders around the country in their efforts to use whole child data to drive school improvement work. 

Today, as a Portfolio Director at Transcend, Jimmy leads the Network Team’s learning agenda in service of expanding the organization’s reach, value, and impact.


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