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Leaps Student Voice Survey

We partner with schools to implement the Leaps Student Voice Survey to assess current student experiences and identify opportunities to improve.

The Leaps Student Voice Survey, based on the 10 Leaps for Equitable, 21st-Century Learning, is a psychometrically validated measurement instrument that can be implemented two ways:

  1. A Leaps Pulse Check Survey – A quick, diagnostic view of student perceptions and experiences related to all Leaps.
  2. Deep Dive Leaps Survey – A more in-depth exploration of student experiences relative to prioritized Leaps.

The Leaps Student Voice Survey provides a transformational opportunity for school leaders, teachers, and communities to reframe how we think about school improvement. It offers a systemic lens to practicing equity, in which students are seen, valued, and heard.

Larry W. Johnson Jr., Secondary Principal Supervisor

Customized Research and Learning

​​We partner with organizations and funders on customized research projects that develop learning agendas, inform strategies, and deepen insights related to innovation.

Projects tackle sample questions such as:

  • What kinds of processes best facilitate community-driven change?
  • What makes a one-time philanthropic investment in education innovation most impactful?
  • What kinds of innovative experiences are out-of-system learning models cultivating?
  • How are schools responding to and recovering in a post-pandemic era?
  • What solutions and experiences are families prioritizing in a post-pandemic era?

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Students should guide us down the road to reinventing education. Start by exploring our in-depth report based on our Leaps Student Voice Survey. You can also download ready-to-use resources to start listening to your own communities of learners.

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