Leaps Student Voice Survey

The Leaps Student Voice Survey is a validated, easy-to-use tool designed to help communities understand the experiences of learners through the lens of the Leaps for 21st Century, Equitable Learning. These 10 Leaps describe the key ways we believe the student experience must change so that schools can prepare all young people to thrive in and transform the world. 

The Leaps Student Voice Survey provides a transformational opportunity for school leaders, teachers, and communities to reframe how we think about school improvement. It offers a systemic lens to practicing equity, in which students are seen, valued, and heard.

Larry W. Johnson Jr., Secondary Principal Supervisor, Akron Public Schools

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See the Leaps Student Voice Survey in action

Salem Public Schools acted as both strategists and builders, leveraging the Leaps Student Voice Survey in two pivotal ways: as a compass for tracking the success of their ground-breaking pilot project throughout the academic year, and as a heartbeat monitor, regularly employed to review and invigorate rapid cycles of innovation.

Student-Powered Innovation

Embark micro middle school in Denver is pushing the envelope on how to create highly relevant student-centered learning experiences. Learn how they used Transcend’s Leaps Student Voice Survey to demonstrate the impact of those experiences on young people.

Conversations with Kids: Insights from a Year of Listening

We partnered with hundreds of communities across the country to support them in listening to more than 20,000 young people. We discovered a longing for personalized, relevant, and equitable learning experiences, an unstoppable wave of youthful passion advocating for social justice, and an understanding from adults who admire the perspectives of their students.

Next Steps

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