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Leaps for Equitable, 21st-Century Learning

These Leaps can help schools move from one-size-fits-all experiences that often leave young people disconnected, bored, or locked in place, to learning that truly provides an equal opportunity to every student and is responsive to the demands and opportunities of the 21st century. At their core, these Leaps seek to reimagine how we educate young people—centering on personal growth and equal opportunity for every child so that all young people will not only maximize their own potential but also tackle society’s greatest challenges.


Industrial-Era Learning


21st-Century Learning
Unequal Expectations & Opportunities
High Expectations with Unlimited Opportunities
Narrow Focus
Whole-Child Focus
Rote Activities
Rigorous Learning
Assimilation & Marginalization
Affirmation of Self & Others
Reinforcement of the Status Quo
Social Consciousness & Action
Connection & Community
Inflexible Systems
Passive Compliance
Active Self-Direction
Siloed Schooling
Anytime, Anywhere Learning

The Research Behind The Leaps

Transcend’s Leaps for Equitable, 21st-Century Learning are informed by the science of learning and development; equity in education; and contemporary societal, political, economic, and scientific trends.  

Resources to Get Started 

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Access additional information on why each Leap is critical for equitable, 21st-century learning; what it looks like; and examples of schools taking the Leap.

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