Eveleen Hsu

Eveleen is a Partner on the School Design Team at Transcend.  She believes in the transformative power of a liberatory education that enables all children to achieve their infinite potential.  In her role, she supports schools in designing and implementing community-driven and research-based practices to re-imagine education so that equitable and extraordinary learning experiences exist for all students.  

Before joining the Transcend team, Eveleen coached principals across the KIPP national network with schools in various developmental stages ranging from founding to sustaining and turnaround.  She was also a Managing Director at KIPP Massachusetts where she led and facilitated the whole region’s work in equity, community engagement, and culturally responsive practices in leadership development, management, instructional coaching, and teaching.   

Eveleen is passionate about centering student voice and ensuring youth feel seen, heard, valued, and empowered in their learning.  Prior to becoming a senior regional leader, Eveleen was the founding principal of KIPP Academy Lynn Elementary (KALE) in Lynn, Massachusetts.  She oversaw the growth and management of the school from 19 staff and 125 students to over 75 staff members and 630 students in grades K-4.  Since its founding, the school has consistently scored in the top quartile of the national TNTP survey, especially in the following categories: instructional leadership, staff culture, student culture, and diversity, equity, and inclusion practices.  Believing in the strength and potential of community-driven design at KALE, staff, families, and students created a loving and rigorous learning environment prioritizing social-emotional well-being, critical consciousness, active family engagement, and student-centered learning that involved the arts, science, engineering, and blended learning.  The school became a model in the district and KIPP network for best practices in liberatory pedagogy that focused on the whole child. During her leadership, the school scaled its Multilingual Learner Program and expanded its successful education model to include and best support the diverse needs and strengths in the Special Education community.  KALE was among the top performing elementary schools in the state of Massachusetts in math and English Language Arts.  Eveleen began her roots in education as a history and English Language Arts teacher.

Eveleen holds an undergraduate degree from Harvard College and a Master’s in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  She loves spending time cooking, exploring new and familiar places with her family, and quality story-telling in the form of a children’s book, a well-written TV series, or a great film.


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