Alison Guglielmo Kerr

Alison joins Transcend as Network Learning and Development Partner. She works to craft universal and customized workshops, learning series and experiences for system leaders, funders, and other key stakeholders to influence how they think about school design, equity, and innovation. 

Prior to joining Transcend, Alison served as the Executive Director of National Program and Innovation at Citizens of the World Schools where she set vision, planning, and strategy for the codification and innovation of the CWC Learning Model, focusing on equitable and whole child learning experiences for all students, across nine schools. She also utilized design thinking to develop new adult learning programming within the realms of social emotional development and equity and inclusion. 

Alison began her career in education working as a teacher with students who have incarcerated parents. Her conviction to ensure that all students (& adults) feel seen and deeply known has remained core in all teaching and leadership roles she has carried out in urban, rural, public, and charter settings both internationally, and within the U.S during the last twenty years.

Alison holds a B.Ed. and M.Ed from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. She currently lives in Ashland, OR with her partner and enjoys creating a more sustainable lifestyle by cooking from their garden and looking after their chickens and bees.


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