May 3, 2016

What is equitable schooling and how might we realize it?

By Transcend

This is the underlying question for us at Transcend and for most educators working in the field.  While admittedly inadequate, this playlist aims to be a starting point for the conversations we think are important to be had – to make visible the often invisible ways that inequality is perpetuated by individuals and our schools and a starting point in designing for equity.

Read, Watch, and Listen


Exploring Bias and Inequities

The Problem in Education

What Can Be Done About This



  • What personal biases do you need to be aware that you hold as you engage in design work?
  • How does bias and inequity manifest itself in the schools you currently work with?
  • What inequities is your new school model designed to overcome?
  • How will you know your school is equitable?

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