October 3, 2018

Still Dissatisfied, More Optimistic, Fully Committed

By Transcend

Today we’re excited to release a new installment in the Dissatisfied Yet Optimistic series called “Still Dissatisfied, More Optimistic, Fully Committed.”

We (Transcend), Summit Public Schools, and NewSchools Venture Fund wrote it to make sense of the common lessons our organizations have been learning together and separately. In it, we offer a set of observations and lessons about how communities everywhere can pursue the kinds of schools that enable young people to thrive in the world and fulfill their greatest potential.

We focus on three core lessons about what it takes to realize this aspiration:

  1. Communities must be in the driver’s seat as they build the “conditions” necessary to reimagine their schools and implement the changes required over the long-term.
  2. Organizations called “model providers” can play a crucial role in helping communities accelerate their progress towards reimagining their schools so that all students have the opportunities they deserve.
  3. Creating the opportunities all young people deserve will take concerted action from many in the field, including educators, school and system leaders, families and community members, committed funders, and policymakers.

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Excited for this new release, “Still Dissatisfied, More Optimistic, Fully Committed,” a paper that focuses on what it takes for communities to evolve their school models toward ones that best prepare young people to thrive in today’s world and realize their full potential. Worth a close read! https://bit.ly/2OW40Qz


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