July 24, 2023

Transcend Announces Second Rural Schools Design Community

Nine Schools and Districts Selected for the Second Cohort

Communities across the country, July 24, 2023—Transcend, a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to support communities to create and spread extraordinary, equitable learning environments, is proud to announce its second launch of a ten-month cohort program to reimagine school in rural communities. This program includes nine rural school communities from across the country that were chosen based on their deep commitment to equity and creating strong learning experiences for every young person.

“Rural communities bring so much to the national conversation around reimagining education and school redesign,” shares Aylon Samouha, Transcend co-CEO. “Our inaugural rural cohort provided extraordinary collaborations and innovations. We had the privilege to work with bold communities of educators, system leaders, students, and families who are transforming learning environments for young people. We are looking forward to the same strides to be made with our newest cohort of communities.”

At the start of the ten-month program, each school community will identify a core team to lead the process in their communities. Through this program, teams work locally to enlist their broader community in shaping the vision for their reimagined school. Throughout the 10 months, the groups will also engage in convenings, exploring high impact topics such as generating a community-led school design process to achieve equitable results for all students, understanding the skills and mindsets needed for young people to thrive in and transform the world, learning how to ensure community aspirations and needs are reflected, and understanding school & district design.

The 2023-2024 Transcend Rural Schools Design Community includes:

The Rural Schools Design Community  will take place at no cost to participants thanks to a grant and will commence in August of 2023.

About Transcend

Transcend is a national nonprofit that supports school communities to create and spread extraordinary, equitable learning environments. The organization was founded on a belief that we must reimagine schooling, using a community-driven approach, so all children can realize their infinite potential. Transcend pursues its mission by partnering directly with schools on design journeys while also sharing powerful models, tools and insights across the sector. To date, Transcend has worked directly with hundreds of schools and leaders in over 30 states, and has influenced thousands more. Ultimately, Transcend strives to fuel significant leaps in education so all young people can thrive in and transform the world.

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