March 19, 2022

Statement in response to the Atlanta attacks

We are devastated and outraged by the horrific shootings in Atlanta and by the ongoing elevation of anti-Asian violence and racism in our country over the past year. Racism and violence against Asian Americans has a long and ugly history in this country, and racist rhetoric over the past year has fueled these acts of terrorism against the Asian American community. This racism — in its own right, and combined with sexism and misogyny — is horrifying.

We mourn the loss of the eight people killed at three different spas in North Georgia including six Asian women. We stand in solidarity with our Asian American brothers and sisters — within our organization, within the school communities we serve, and across the country.

True educational justice requires that every young person has equal opportunity to realize their fullest potential and to live without fear, regardless of background and identity. The events of this week are a stark reminder of how far we have to go in dismantling the white supremacy that systematically denies far too many children of this right.

Words in a message like this are wholly insufficient to express the sadness we feel and the gravity of this moment. As we support communities to create more equitable learning environments, Transcend is committed to taking every possible action to interrupt systemic racism and promote true educational justice.


Transcend is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit that operates nationally.