Lindsay Unified School District

Personalized Learning Tools

Summit Public Schools, Lindsay Unified School District, and Transcend entered a partnership to deepen adult learning about personalized learning by building research-backed resources that draw upon our collective deep experience and focus on the student. We sought to create concrete resources that support adult learning in personalized environments, both in our own systems and for others who are on a similar journey.

To learn more about our partnership, check out these videos including why we came together, the benefits of our collaboration, what we built, and a general overview from the resource creators.

Summit Public Schools
Summit Public Schools

The Resources

Over the course of two years, we developed three research-backed, adaptable resources to provide clarity and a common language on what it looks like to implement quality personalized learning and to enable collaboration and capacity building toward that vision.

Use and adapt these resources!

For all of these resources, Lindsay, Summit, and Transcend have chosen to use a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, rather than a traditional Copyright All Rights Reserved license, in the hopes that by sharing these resources for free with minimal restrictions, more schools and students will be able to benefit from them. This license enables others to freely use, adapt, and re-mix this content, as long as they acknowledge the original authorship of the work by attributing it to Lindsay, Transcend, and Summit. We encourage teams to take this content and adapt it into existing tools, frameworks, and resources within the local context. If your team uses this content, please share adaptations with us so that we can learn from your work. You can send adaptations here.

Transcend is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit that operates nationally.