Implement the Leaps student Experience Survey

We are so excited to support you in engaging with students. This survey is designed to give you data directly from students on how they experience school. Once your students complete the survey, you will be able to access a summary report, along with supporting resources, that you can use to have conversations with your learning community. Here is how this process works:

  1. Once you complete the form below, you’ll get a unique link for students to access the survey online. Surveys are totally anonymous with no sign on process or password required to access them. The link will not expire and you can have as many students as you want take the survey.
  2. This survey is designed for students grade 3 and above.
  3. Surveys take approximately 5 minutes to complete per student. Each student should only complete the survey once.
  4. You will also be emailed a link to access your report and conversation resources.
  5. We will not share this data in a way that associates the responses with you or your school.
  6. If you need more support, we would love to help! Please respond to the email you get after you fill out the form below and we will be in touch.
    The version of the survey you can access directly from this link will collect totally anonymous data with no ability to disaggregate the results by demographic identifiers, grade, or any other characteristic. The survey can be set up to enable deeper, more customized analysis with the ability to disaggregate results by student identity factors and support for additional implementations so you can see longitudinal data. This approach allows you to get deeper feedback and promote a stronger equity lens in your work.  If you are interested in discussing this option, please contact us at

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