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Igniting Agency in Early Learning

This resource seeks to help schools and districts rethink and redesign learning so that all learners, including our very youngest and most marginalized, are able to enact their agency and recognize their power.

Concourse Village Elementary School

Agency must be a part of all learners’ lives in order to move toward a more just, inclusive, and equitable future. 

Agency involves a variety of skills; young children are capable and ready to start building these skills and enacting their agency. 

Agentic classrooms enable young people to act on their curiosities, an opportunity that is too often lost for children when they transition to school and can support engagement and learning.

Agency fuels lifelong learning and achievement and is vital for navigating the challenges of a complex, uncertain future.

Van Ness Elementary School

Agency is the ability to intentionally influence one's life and learning.

It entails a continuous and dynamic process of setting goals, making plans to achieve those goals, taking action, and reflecting and revising along the way.

People are more likely to exhibit agency when they are motivated, have the required capacity, and are situated in a supportive context.