June 3, 2021|2:00 pm ET

Where Do We Go from Here? Nurturing the Conditions for Innovation on the Road to Reinvention

As we come to the end of school year ‘21, what have we learned and where do we go from here?

AASA + Transcend have partnered this school year on Roads to Reinvention, supporting district leaders through this challenging time as they research and develop towards more agile, more equitable school systems for the years ahead. We’ve focused, in part, on nurturing the Conditions for Innovation in districts and schools so that innovations can take root and flourish. Spring ISD (TX) and Pike County Schools (GA), two of our partner districts, have led on assessing the conditions in their district and planning a better path forward as a result. Hear from Superintendent Rodney Watson and Superintendent Michael Duncan and their teams on what they’ve learned and where they plan to go from here.


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