August 4, 2021|4:00 pm ET

Post-COVID Innovation: Navigating Pathways to Progress

The COVID-19 pandemic caused major upheavals in K–12 schools over the last year. Some sector leaders see this moment, and the new influx of federal funding, as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform education. But recent survey data from the Christensen Institute also indicate that many teachers and school administrators were frustrated and exhausted by this tumultuous year and are eager to get back to normal. As they redouble their efforts to address students’ tremendous learning and social/emotional needs, they have little appetite for tackling bold innovation agendas. To help education leaders navigate opportunities for innovation on the heels of a trying year, Thomas Arnett, a senior research fellow at the Christensen Institute, will share recent research on what causes teachers and administrators to either buy into or discard new programs and practices. Using this framework, schools can, with greater efficiency and efficacy, identify pathways to progress that work best for them and their communities.


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