April 20, 2021|4:00 pm ET

Mastery and Agency through CTE: Authentic PBL at Elevate Academy with LiFT Learning

Elevate Academy is a year-round Career Technical Charter School in Caldwell, Idaho. At Elevate, schools engage with integrated and purpose driven projects using a mastery-based approach focused on learner agency and ownership. Powered by LiFT Learning’s learner-centered platform, students co-create projects while curating evidence of learning for their personalized and interdisciplinary skill portfolios.

This session will outline Elevate Academy’s Learning Hook method grounded in cognitive conflict. The Learning Hook creates common language around learning and mastery and encourages authentic lessons and instruction all while developing and nurturing community relationships and student autonomy. You will hear from school leaders, teachers, and learners about the impact of this model and the role of the LiFT platform and walk away with direct next steps on how to apply this to your learning community.


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