February 13, 2024|4:00 pm ET

Intro to Transcend’s 10 Leaps

​Join us for a 30 minute introductory session on Transcend’s 10 Leaps for Equitable, 21st-Century Learning, a framework designed to spark your imagination and empower you to reimagine education in the year ahead. 

​These Leaps can help schools move from one-size-fits-all experiences that often leave young people disconnected, bored, or locked in place, to learning that truly provides an equal opportunity to every student and is responsive to the demands and opportunities of the 21st century. At their core, these Leaps seek to reimagine how we educate young people—centering on personal growth and equal opportunity for every child, so that all young people will not only maximize their own potential, but also tackle society’s greatest challenges.

This webinar is a unique opportunity to:

  • ​Learn the basics of the 10 Leaps for Equitable, 21st-Century Learning 
  • ​Hear real-world examples from leaders who have utilized this framework in their schools
  • ​Gain access to additional resources to deepen your learning

​Register today to drive meaningful change in your schools and communities. Together, let’s embark on a transformative journey and redefine what’s possible in education!


Transcend is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit that operates nationally.