February 23, 2022|3:00 pm ET

Global Cities: Successfully Educating Tomorrow’s Global Citizens

The next generation of global leaders will need to collaborate across cultures to address the challenges that affect us all.

At Global Cities, Inc., we have developed and evaluated an effective model of peer digital exchange. Our Global Scholars program features a project-based curriculum that guides students to explore the local impacts of a global issue, exchange perspectives with international peers in e-classroom discussion boards, and develop solutions. Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Out of Eden Learn examined Global Scholars discussion boards and found empirical evidence that this approach builds critical student learning outcomes. Our report shows Global Scholars are eager and able to address global challenges in their own communities.

Join us in this session with Global Cities’ Grace Snodgrass, Education Program Manager, and Brandon Borjon, Evaluation Project Manager, to learn what these findings illustrate about how to successfully educate tomorrow’s global citizens.


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