May 1, 2024|4:00 pm ET

Are the Kids All Right? Successfully Implementing Social-Emotional Learning

Post-pandemic, we all know that attending to social-emotional wellbeing is a top priority. But what are the best ways to do that? 

​In this community conversation, we will dive deep into the 5 key steps that will empower you to effectively implement SEL models. Whether you’re considering implementing an SEL program or have encountered mixed results along the way, this event is for you!

​During our session, we will explore the stories and insights of two exemplary models, nXu and the Whole Child Model, that can help us better understand successful implementation strategies. These inspiring examples from industry thought leaders will reveal crucial factors that can make or break your implementation efforts as school and system leaders.

​You will leave this event armed with actionable recommendations that can be applied not only to the showcased models but also to any program you wish to bring to life within your own school or district. These steps will guide you towards achieving a deeper, more meaningful impact on the lives of your students. 

​Featured speakers:

  • ​Jabali Sawicki, nXu
  • ​Keptah Saint Julien, Whole Child Model

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