April 30, 2019

Discussing the Future of School With Googlers

By Transcend
Recently, Transcend co-founder Jeff Wetzler led a “Talks at Google” conversation on the imperative to reimagine school.

Some questions Jeff fielded include:

How does Transcend deal with testing when redesigning school?

With R&D, are you seeing more of a bottoms-up approach where educators are ready to go to the next level, or is it more of a top-down approach with the administrator or district superintendent saying, “OK I want to do this for my school”?

A core difference between the kind of work we get at Google [and the work K12 students get at school] is that we have many unknown unknowns in which there might be no one to get an answer from…so we need to dig in and find the answer to an abstract problem. That doesn’t really fit into the traditional classroom assignment, does it?

Needless to say, the conversation was rich!

We invite you to listen to more comments and questions—and our answers—by watching the video below.


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