Blended Learning

The resources and tools below can help school teams design and implement a blended approach in their communities. You will find overview resources that describe blended learning, implementation tools and checklists, as well as brief and extended virtual “school tours” of what blended learning experiences look like in action in settings across the country.

Design and Implementation Guides

The resources below are intended to support school-level planning and implementation for three blended learning approaches. Each resource includes a description of the way students are learning in each approach, a checklist that shows a progression toward more personalization and self-direction within that approach, and considerations for the supporting resources and  structures in a school or system.

The curation of these resources was inspired and made possible by every school we spotlight as well as Dallas ISD’s Personalized Learning Toolbox.

School Examples

The set of seven virtual “school tours” linked on the map below provide a close look at how these schools and districts are implementing blended learning experiences across a range of grades and content areas.  You can also get a brief preview of these schools and districts through our abbreviated 10-minute tours.

Transcend created these resources to use in partnerships with Texas Education Agency (TEA) and school communities across the state of Texas as they worked to redesign the student experience through blended learning.

Transcend is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit that operates nationally.