November 11, 2019

Behind the Scenes at the School Design Collaborative

By Transcend

Transcend is thrilled to share this peek into our School Design Collaborative!

Transcend collaborated with Excellent Schools New Mexico during the 2018-2019 school year to take five communities along a journey to reimagine the future of school. During this six-month experience, participants wrote graduate aims, studied the science of learning and development (and practiced woodworking to reconnect with what learning feels like themselves), gathered inspiration from diverse learning environments, studied contemporary and future trends, and piloted a student experience that is grounded in equity. Led by School Design Partner Shari Lawrence, the New Mexico Collaborative represents one of Transcend’s regional school design cohorts that catalyze extraordinary learning environments from Albuquerque to Providence.


Transcend supports communities to create and spread extraordinary, equitable learning environments.

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