March 3, 2017

A Partnership To Accelerate Personalized Learning in the Education Field

By Transcend

We’re thrilled to announce a new partnership—titled C2D2—to accelerate personalized learning in the education field.

C2D2 is a collaboration between Summit Public Schools, Lindsay Unified School District, the Center for Public Research and Leadership (CPRL), and Transcend to capture, codify, and convey key insights around the adult roles that foster successful personalized learning environments.

The team had a great kickoff convening in late February in California.

The main goal of the project is to produce a set of actionable tools and resources that will support educators in growing their capacity to implement high quality personalized learning and that will enable site-level leaders to create and sustain the necessary conditions for personalized learning in their systems.

Specifically, the project will produce actionable resources including: a “playbook” of principle-driven, structural accelerators that facilitate high quality personalized learning at the site (school / learning community) level, including the “look-for” actions that site-level leaders should use to create necessary conditions; and also an articulation and illustration of strong instructional practices via a set of “look-for’s” for describing the work of teachers and learning facilitators.

Stay tuned for updates about this exciting project #TranscendEdu.


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